The 9 Best Student Backpacking Programs

Are you seeking a high school student travel abroad program that will never let you down? Even during school holidays, you’ll probably have a bunch of commitments—summer school, part-time jobs, Netflix binges, to name a few—but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the time of your life before the obligations (and college applications) pile on too heavily.

Even the busiest students can find time to participate in 1-2 week high school programs abroad, so clear your calendars and make room for the most fantastic experience of your life. You sweat, crouch, and go through a litany of indignities while keeping a smile on your face the whole while. You’ll never be able to equal the sense of accomplishment you receive after a long day of trekking across challenging terrain.

So, what better way to go across the world than by boat? On a backpacking trip, walking through jungles or deserts will give you a true sense of the location and allow you to develop genuine relationships with the locals. Backpacking may also be a cost-effective method to visit the world since it eliminates some of the luxuries of travel.

When educators get the notion to send their children on a trip, they usually start by contacting a tour operator specializing in student travel. Working with these organizations may make the planning process more fun, whether a short trip to the state capital or an intercontinental excursion.

Many of the teacher’s obligations are reduced when experienced operators manage all of the arrangements, from flights and bus transportation to hotel bookings and other accommodations. These organizations may also provide free travel and other incentives to start clubs for teachers.

Nine best student backpacking programs are

  1. Stray Asia

Instead of looking for backpacking excursions for college students on the internet, you can create your own using this app. Stray Travel provides you with all of the information you’ll need to plan your backpacking trip around Southeast Asia. Travelers may use their hop-on-hop-off card to travel on a “travel network” that includes Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar, among other countries. Expert guides are on hand at each stop to provide recommendations for the best local eateries and must-see sights in the area. After a long day of touring, the principals may assist you in securing pay-as-you-go lodging at the end of the day.

  1. Brisbane to Cairns Express East Coast

The first step on your east coast tour begins as you leave Brisbane City and go towards the coast. This is where your journey begins. With your tires, you may make contact with ancient volcanic peaks, lush rainforests, and ocean-front National Parks that provide breathtaking views. The Sunshine Coast Hinterland is a veritable greenhouse of fresh dairy, fruit, and craft breweries, and it is located in southeast Queensland. A brief tour of local producers may provide the ingredients for an elegant picnic, which is best enjoyed while taking in the surroundings.

  1. Australia’s Ultimate Road Journey

Those who want to dangle their toes in the water of college backpacking experiences but are hesitant to commit to a complete trip may find this program to be a great compromise. Most of this vacation is spent commuting by car, but there are daily climbs and hikes to keep things interesting. Each of the eight nights’ lodging comprises camping, with one campground even being devoid of restroom facilities. What a terrific strategy to get by in the wilderness! This program is a fantastic example of backpacking sites for beginners because of the hiking and camping environment.

  1. Glimpse of Europe

London serves as the starting and ending point for the “Glimpse Of Europe” journey. The “Glimpse Of Europe” trip is a 7-day sightseeing excursion that takes in the wonders of Europe. You will journey via Amsterdam, London, and Giswil, stopping in France, Holland, and three other nations along the way. This is a guided tour for a group of people. The vacation includes hotel accommodations, transportation, food, and other amenities.

Europe’s mesmerizing vistas, rich cultural history, and delectable cuisine are all waiting to be discovered. Traverse through the verdant landscape of the Dutch countryside to the picturesque Rhine Valley, the beaches of Lake Lucerne and Paris dubbed the “City of Lights.” This brief encounter with the attractions of Europe will provide you with just a taste of the variety that makes this continent such a popular tourist destination across the world.

  1. Oyster Worldwide

China is the world’s second-largest country, making it a popular backpacking destination for first-time and seasoned travelers. A twenty-five-day backpacking journey in China is a terrific way to acquire a true sense of the country’s vastness and culture in a short amount of time. Oyster Worldwide provides several backpacking excursions for college students, but this trip is exciting since it contains all the must-see attractions.

  1. Everest with Gokyo, Poonhill & Community Project

Even if you’ve heard of Mt. Everest, do you know what AmaDablam and Gokyo Ri look like? On your Gap Year backpacking journey to Nepal, you’ll have the opportunity to visit all of these magnificent mountain ranges. Gap Year Nepal provides some of the most affordable backpacking excursions for college students accessible anywhere on the planet. While they offer trips ranging in duration from two to twelve weeks, this specific tour is eight weeks in length and costs around $2,000. This cost includes housing and board and different admission fees and transport throughout the nation. On this tour, you will get the opportunity to participate in religious rites at historic temples, meet with local people, and sample local cuisine, giving you a real taste of Nepali culture.

  1. Egypt Explorer – Felucca Cruise & Red Sea

Discover the beauty and mysteries of antiquity on this 15-day adventure across Egypt and Jordan. This journey takes you through Egypt’s temples and history. The Giza Plateau, which encompasses the Giza Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, is worth a visit. Take a felucca tour on the Nile River to explore the sights. Travel to Jordan to visit Petra’s incredible structures, go on a jeep safari through Wadi Rum’s dunes, and float in the Dead Sea, among other things. Enjoy free time in Cairo and a stay at a Red Sea all-inclusive resort. With all of this and more, there’s no question that our Egypt and Jordan holiday will be full of adventure.

  1. Costa Rica Escape with Tortuguero

Both the starting point and the final point are located in San Jose! Itinerary: The Wildlife tour Costa Rica Escape with Tortuguero is a ten-day vacation package that includes stops in San Jose, Costa Rica, and six other locations in the country. An expert guide, meals, transportation, and various additional activities are all included in Costa Rica Escape with Tortuguero vacation package.

  1. Southeast Asia Gap Year

If you wish to travel across Thailand and Laos but prefer a more structured summer backpacking program, Pacific Discovery’s Southeast Asia Gap Year could be for you. This vacation includes meditating with Buddhist monks in Thailand, volunteering with elephant conservation, hiking, kayaking, biking, rafting, and snorkeling in many national parks. Although this curriculum does not discuss backpacking directly, it does offer a variety of trips and backpacking spots for beginners.