Studying in Sweden

  • Population: 10,000,000
  • Currency: Swedish krona (kr)
  • University Students: 345,000
  • International Students: 40,000 (11%)
  • English-taught Programs: 768

Studying in Sweden means you will be based in the north of Europe and exposed to a multicultural society that is known to be welcoming.

Sweden is often referred to as the capital of innovation of Europe, with many big brands and world-famous household names coming from Sweden, including IKEA, H&M among others.

Nearly 40,000 overseas students are studying at higher education institutions in Sweden.

Applying to a University in Sweden is done through the official University Admissions portal.

Universities in Sweden

Sweden is home to just over 50 Universities and Colleges. A list of Universities in Sweden would not be complete without the following institutions:

  • Lund University
  • Stockholm University
  • University of Gothenburg
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Karolinska Institute
  • Uppsala University

Business Schools in Sweden

  • Lund School of Economics and Management
  • Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law
  • Stockholm Business School
  • Stockholm School of Economics
  • Umeå School of Business

Study in English in Sweden

If you are keen on studying in English, you will be pleased to find that several Universities in Sweden offer nearly 800 programs in English. English taught programs include both Bachelor programs as well as Master programs.

Tuition Fees in Sweden

The most attractive aspect of studying in Sweden is that it can be free. We say it can be, because not every student can take advantage of the tuition-free system at Swedish Universities.

In order to be eligible to study for free in Sweden you must have a passport from a country within the European Union (EU), EEA or Switzerland. Since 2011, students from outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland are required to pay. The tuition fees can range from around SEK 80,000 to SEK 130,000 (8,000 EUR to 13,000 EUR) per academic year, depending on the program and university.

Scholarships to Study in Sweden

The Swedish Institute details a variety of scholarship opportunities categorized by the area of study as well as the nationality of the student. The Erasmus traineeship mobility programme is another organization that assists students in Sweden to find internships or company placements.

Costs of Living in Sweden

Average living costs in Sweden are around 8,000 SEK (800 EUR) per month, including rent on accommodation. Of course, this can vary depending on the location, as living costs in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, are higher than in smaller cities.

Internships & Company Placements in Sweden

Finding an internship in Sweden (known as a praktik in Swedish) is often easiest when facilitated directly via the careers service office at your University.

Working in Sweden

As an international student you will be legally entitled to seek work while you study. Unlike in other European countries, there is also no legal limitation on the number of hours you will be allowed to work in Sweden, while you are studying.

Being fluent in the Swedish language is certainly a major plus when seeking for a job in Sweden but it may not be a complete obstacle if Swedish is not your forte.

There are countless international companies based in Sweden that highly value other languages and may even value your native language as a prized asset.

Applying for a Student Visa to Study in Sweden

As an international student you will need to apply for residence. To obtain this residence permit, you will ned prove that you are able to fund your studies and life in Sweden. In addition to this you will need to show a valid passport, be accepted as a full-time student at an institution of higher education and show that you hold a valid insurance policy.

For extensive advice on attaining a residence permit in Sweden as an international student, we recommend that you browse through the information available on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.