The 20 Best High Schools In Spain

With its rich history, food, art, and music, Spain is a desirable destination for expat families who wish to learn about and enjoy every part of the country’s 17 autonomous regions, contributing to its own cultural identity. Its friendly environment, vibrant culture, and laid-back way of life draw a significant number of international families to the country each year, who benefit from a low cost of living and a wide range of high-quality services and facilities.

Education in Spain is becoming more popular among international students, owing to the country’s excellent climatic conditions and the opportunity to continue studying at prestigious schools throughout the world. On the other hand, Spanish secondary schools provide low-cost, high-quality education.

Many online platforms provide admission to Spain’s most prestigious secondary schools for overseas students. Because of school descriptions of programs and courses, tuition fees, and student opinions, it is incredibly straightforward to make the suitable option.

Spain is a famous study abroad destination for international students because the best Spanish educational institutions emphasize the personal development of each student. Teacher attention is paid closely to each student’s particular work, and they support them in choosing their future university emphasis and professional path. Foreign language studies are carried out at the best Spanish schools globally.

High Schools In Spain, Top 20 in 2022

After completing elementary school, students continue their education at middle school. Compulsory secondary education (ESO) is obligatory for students between 12 and 16. Upon completion of ESO, students between the ages of 16 and 18 may enroll in high school (Spanish baccalaureate), undertake vocational training, or enter the workforce.

Students pursuing a Spanish baccalaureate degree may specialize in a particular topic of study. The university programs to which students are eligible to apply are determined by the field they are interested in. Arts, science, technology, and the humanities and social sciences are some of the disciplines covered. A student who wishes to continue their education following these two years of study may take the PAU college admission test, also known as the Prueba de Acceso a la Universidad (PAU college entrance exam).

The top 20 international schools in Spain are as follows:

Education and healthcare options are many and reasonably priced in Spain. International families coming to the country with children will be pleased to find that the government is home to several well-regarded international schools! High-quality teaching models, a diversified educational offering (International Baccalaureate, US or UK curriculum), extracurricular activities, efficiently accessible spaces, laboratories, and sports facilities are characteristics that distinguish the schools included in this article.

International schools in Spain are self-contained and often follow a foreign curriculum, with costs typically higher than in other parts of the world. In addition to American and British schools, there are foreign-language schools in Spain, including French, German, Swedish, and other languages. According to Spanish law, all foreign schools must be approved by the embassy of their home country in Spain before operating. Foreign schools admit pupils as young as three years old and as old as eighteen years old, depending on the institution.

If you place a high emphasis on ease of transfer above integration for your child, a private international school is an excellent option to explore. It’s understandable that if you’re only going to be in Spain for a few months, you could decide that it’s not worth it to put your child through the stress of learning a new language, even if the immersion might be beneficial long term. If you’d like to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of sending your child to an international school in Spain.

The foreign schools you pick will dictate where you live in Spain and how much time you have available. There is a good range of English-speaking schools in major cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife, and coastlines. For example, British schools may be found in Alicante, Barcelona, Cádiz, Fuengirola, Ibiza, Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Madrid, Menorca, Palma de Mallorca, Marbella, Tenerife, Torremolinos, and Valencia, among other locations.

While international schools differ widely in their acceptance of students from all over the world, some welcome both Spanish and international students. Spain has the most significant number of international schools of any European country, and many Spanish parents prefer their children to attend a school where they may study English or another foreign language and their native language. Consequently, although English may be the language of instruction in certain schools, Spanish may be the language of command on the playgrounds.

Check out the list below to find out which International Schools in Spain are the finest of the best!

Aloha College (Malaga)

Aloha College, established in 1982, is a private, non-profit school in Marbella, Spain. It is divided into two divisions that provide an international education: Primary School (3–10 years) and Secondary School (11–18 years).

The main structure, which is 5000 square meters in size and was purpose-built in 1982, houses the primary school and administrative department. It was one of Spain’s first IB schools when it was opened. A new secondary school opened in September 2004, almost increasing the school’s size. In addition to regular classrooms, the modern, purpose-built building has four well-equipped laboratories, three dedicated computer suites, a library & media center, two art & design studios, a Music Department with a tiered performance area, and two theatrical studios. Nearby are two all-weather sports fields, a golf academy, a riding school, and tennis and swimming facilities.

There is a strong emphasis on music and theatre instruction and a wide variety of extracurricular activities. At Aloha College, the coveted LAMDA credentials are formally assessed (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). [3] Examiners from the British Ballet Organization and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music visit the institution regularly to assess pupils.

Colegio American School (Barcelona)

It was the first and largest trilingual school in the Barcelona area. The Colegio American School of Barcelona is a co-educational, private, non-profit day school in the wider Barcelona metropolitan area that serves students ages 3 to 69. ASB offers a university preparation program that prepares students for entrance to institutions in the United States, Spain, and other countries.

Colegio Benjamin Franklin International School (Barcelona)

Benjamin Franklin International School is an American international school in Barcelona that educates over 689 students from over 52 countries from Nursery (3 years old) to Grade 12 (18 years old). The school is a co-educational, private, non-profit day school with three elementary, middle, and high school divisions. The American High School Diploma, Spanish Baccalaureate Diploma, and International Baccalaureate Diploma are the three diploma programs offered by BFIS (IB Diploma).

British School of Córdoba (Córdoba)

Students at the British School of Córdoba have a strong sense of belonging, encouraging them to enjoy their studies. BSC offers a small class size, individualized attention, and well-rounded, holistic education to each child. The BSC seeks academic achievement via effective, active learning, personal reflection, and reciprocal interaction between students, parents, and teachers. Individual variations in color, viewpoint, and beliefs are cherished and welcomed, and all members of the community are treated equally, with mutual respect and a sense of democracy.

British Council School (Madrid)

The British Council, the UK’s official body for promoting education, the English language, and worldwide cultural relations, is linked with the school. This connects the school to a global network of other educational and corporate institutions and gives fantastic opportunities to participate in international cultural events.

The British Council School offers a world-class bilingual and bicultural education in English and Spanish, imparting its pupil’s liberty, honesty, integrity, creativity, and professionalism. Pupils, teachers, and staff enjoy being a part of a welcoming community and are proud of the school’s achievements.

Colegio British School (Valencia)

The Colegio British School of Valencia is a private school that offers kids ages 2 to 18 a British education. The school’s primary purpose is to provide superior academic, personal, and human preparation for its pupils, motivating creativity and encouraging initiative and personal work. BSV is particularly proud of the learning environment it provides, where children feel unique, understood, respected, and loved because of its ideals of respect, collaboration, and eagerness to engage in their educational experience.

Colegio British School of Barcelona (Barcelona)

A caring, learning community with high expectations for its students and instructors, the British School of Barcelona is a great place to study and grow. Children between the ages of three and eighteen may benefit from a comprehensive, global approach to learning and development that they give as an English-language school. Through a stimulating curriculum and a firmly entrenched culture of care and support, they help students realize their full potential and prepare them for the challenges of a quickly changing world.

Scuola Italiana School (Madrid)

The Scuola Statale Italiana di Madrid, also known as the Istituto Italiano Statale Comprensivo “Enrico Fermi,” is an Italian international school in Madrid, Spain. It is part of the Scuola Statale Italiana di Madrid. The school, owned by the Italian government, includes four levels: Scuola dell’infanzia, Scuola Primaria, Scuola medium, and liceo. Scuola Italiana Madrid is a Spanish Escuela situated in Madrid’s city. Agustin de Betancourt, 1, C. Agustin de Betancourt, 28003 Madrid is the company’s registered address. In the following sections, you will find more in-depth information on the subject matter. You can also read consumer reviews about Scuola Italiana Madrid and provide feedback on your own experience with the school. Every point of view is significant since it allows for more information about the firm and other companies in Madrid.

German School (Madrid)

At the German School in Madrid, which is situated in a structure that simultaneously functions as a primary school and a secondary school, there are around 300 nursery school children and 1,500 pupils. The many areas of use for the school are visible as distinct components inside this massive tower, which makes sense given its size. Numerous different buildings, including the kindergarten, primary school, and high school, are arranged in a concentric circle around a central courtyard. There are views of the local surroundings and the snow-covered mountains in the distance from every terrace in the building.

German School (Tenerife)

The Deutsche Schule Santa Cruz de Tenerife (DST, Spanish: Colegio Alemán de Santa Cruz de Tenerife) is a German international school in El Rosario, on the Spanish island of Tenerife, near the town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The school is located in the Tabata Alta section of the town of El Rosario and serves students from all over the world. In addition to kindergarten through high school II, it provides help for students in grades 1 through 12.

The organization’s roots may be traced back to a private school created in 1909 by German and Swiss families that served as its inspiration. After commencing at Puerto La Cruz, the lectures were finally transferred to an expansion of the garden of Jakob Ahlers, the German consul general, in 1919, where they have remained ever since.

SEK-Levante International School (Valencia)

The SEK International Institution purchased the Levante International School on July 1, 1994. Colegio Calicanto, as it was initially named, was founded in 1970 by a remarkable group of educational specialists.

LIS is located in the Calicanto residential area, 7 kilometers (4 miles) from Torrente and 15 kilometers (9 miles) from Valencia, and is right off the Autova del Mediterráneo, A-7 (Highway of the Mediterranean, A-7). Since its founding, the School’s extraordinary academic and sports facilities, surrounded by nature, have distinguished it and enabled it to grow.

Colegio Iale International School (Valencia)

Colegio Yale International School Valencia was founded in 1967 by the Monzons Marn family. The explicit purpose is to aid the students in becoming individuals capable of confronting the new challenges of an ever-changing society. To do this, they will follow, educate, help, and support them from the moment they join elementary school until they graduate from university.

Colegio International College of Spain (Madrid)

The school aims to provide students with a high-quality international education that emphasizes respect for others’ identities and cultures. This is achieved by offering a challenging curriculum that encourages critical, principled thinking while also addressing students’ intellectual, social, emotional, physical, technical, artistic, and moral needs in a positive learning environment. Students are also encouraged to take an active interest in their studies, helping them develop the necessary skills, attitudes, and qualifications to become successful, responsible citizens.

Colegio King’s College School (Alicante)

King’s College is a co-educational day and boarding British curriculum school in Madrid that teaches students in the British curriculum from pre-nursery to year 13. It was founded in 1969 as part of the King’s Group.

The parent company of the King’s College schools in the King’s Group, situated in Tenbury Wells, United Kingdom. In addition to the residential school at this location, the Group presently administers six more schools in Spain and Panama. The King’s Group, established in 1969, now provides a British education to students in Pre-Nursery to Year 13. The Group also includes King’s College International, which offers summer residential language courses and academic year abroad programs; King’s Training, which provides language and management training to businesses in Spain and Panama; and Nexalia Services, including catering and maintenance services.

Kensington School (Madrid)

Kensington School serves kids ranging in age from three to eighteen years old. Students continue their Spanish studies after finishing their British education up to 14 to get a Bachillerato and gain entrance to a university in Spain or abroad.

Kensington aims to give a solid foundation and understanding of the many courses offered and an efficient grasp of the English language via a British curriculum. All students will have the opportunity to study for a range of the University of Cambridge English as a foreign language tests and a lesser number of IGCSE English (as a first language) exams, which will enable them to continue their studies at universities in English-speaking countries.

Lycée Français Pierre Deschamps School (Alicante)

Alicante’s French Language School (Lycée Français d’Alicante) It is a French international school in El Campello, Alicante Province, Spain, which is run by Pierre Deschamps (LFA; Spanish: Liceo Francés de Alicante). It caters to students from maternelle/educación infantil (preschool) through lycée/bachillerato level.

As of 2016, over 1,300 students were enrolled on the main campus next to Villa Marco. This campus covers an area of 20 hectares (49 acres).

French Lyceum School (Madrid)

The Lycée Français de Madrid is a French school that follows the National Education System of France. Even though it provides excellent Spanish language instruction, it is not a bilingual institution. It is a member of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) network, including over 500 schools in 137 countries. The French Lycée de Madrid is an outstanding example of the French educational model. It has a long history (the LFM is approximately 130 years old) and has seen all Spanish society’s progress. For many years, the LFM has been known for its ability to train students with strong values, strong general knowledge and analytical skills, deep civic and political commitment, and especially openness to others; in other words, students with strong values whose adaptation in a constantly changing world is highly valued.

Colegio Novaschool Sunland (Málaga)

Nova school Sunland International is a Málaga-based private school that offers a British International Curriculum to pupils aged 3 to 18. It is located in a rural setting. Colegio Novaschool Sunland employs 50 to 249 people and has a revenue of fewer than 2 million euros per year. obtains all financial, commercial, and legal information about Colegio Novaschool Sunland from official sources and daily updates.

Colegio Sotogrande International School (Cádiz)

Sotogrande International School (SIS) is a day and boarding school that follows the IB curriculum for students aged three to eighteen. It is the home of a passionate learning community that inspires and encourages the study and intercultural understanding, supporting education as a force for good globally.

Oakley College (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

Located in the Spanish city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Oakley College is an International British School with a global focus. Students at Oakley range in age from two to eighteen years, and they come from a variety of backgrounds, including Spanish and international students. Following the British curriculum for England and Wales, the school trains students for further education opportunities in Spain and other parts of the world.