19 Best High Schools in Madrid, Spain For International Students

When you consider that Madrid is not only the sunniest city globally, but it is also one of Europe’s wealthiest capitals, it should come as no surprise that it draws a large number of visitors from all over the world. Foreigners and students from nations around the globe, including the United States and Canada.

They are also flocking to Madrid from countries in Latin America and Africa. Turn to Eurosender to arrange for the most refined international removal services available, whether you plan to immigrate or relocate to Madrid to become a member of the expat student community or a combination of the two. Learn how to get the most affordable moving estimates to Madrid, as well as the essential facts you’ll need to know before relocating to this city.

Taking a siesta in the afternoons regularly is something that Spain is linked with: the sea, pleasure, and taking a break from work. Spain’s capital city, Madrid, is the financial and corporate center of the nation and the rest of southern Europe despite the country now experiencing a recession and economic crisis.

Expats and students from all over the globe are flocking to Madrid in increasing numbers to take advantage of the city’s enticing mix of a warm, sunny atmosphere and work prospects. Madrid is the third most populous city in the world. Suppose you are relocating to Madrid from the United States or another nation. In that case, you will need to discover more about the culture, educational options, and work prospects available in the capital city.

Deciding to relocate a family from the United States to Madrid may be both exciting and stressful simultaneously, depending on the specific circumstances. Thoughtful consideration should be given to ensuring that the transition goes smoothly for everyone concerned. Everything comes down to being well-prepared in the end! Preparing a list of everything you need to do before you arrive can help ensure that you don’t forget anything important when you get there.

The sooner you come and begin to enjoy tapas and sightseeing, the more time you will have to spend away from your computer dealing with paperwork and other administrative tasks. Here are some of the things you should keep an eye out for ahead of time so that when your family comes, you may board the aircraft with confidence, knowing that the city will be ready for them when they arrive.

What you should be aware of when starting high school in Spain is the following-

  1. First and foremost, you will have an abundance of programming alternatives at your disposal.

Since they were initially introduced, study abroad programs for high school students have gone a long way. Regarding content and organization, teen study abroad programs are today as diverse and sophisticated as their college-level equivalents, and they are growing more popular. While Spanish is the official language of Spain, depending on where you choose to spend your high school study abroad year in Spain.

  1. Because Spain is divided into 17 autonomous communities, each region of the nation can establish a co-language for communication with the other areas.

Residents of Valencia may speak Valencian, which is a language that is closer to Italian than Spanish and is spoken by a smaller number of people than Spanish. When you visit Basque Country, you will hear the language of Euskera, which has no connection to any other current European languages and is unique to this area.

  1. Whenever feasible, you should address your instructor by their first and middle names.

When attending any number of high school Spanish courses in the United States, you may be astonished to realize that your classmates call their professors by their first names rather than the “Escape mi profesora!” script that you’ve been rehearsing over the last several weeks. This is done does not imply any disrespect; it is just the way things are done around here. Consequently, you should follow their example and eliminate the official title.

  1. If you successfully finish this course, you may be eligible for university credit.

If your parents need a little more persuading that spending a portion of your high school education in Spain is not a good idea, this advice should aid them in that endeavor. Students who complete a program may earn university credit in addition to the educational opportunities they get via the program. This means that you will be able to get a head start on the following academic year while you are on holiday in Spain, in addition to enjoying your summer vacation.

  1. You will remain in your current location, and the lecturers will swap classes as soon as the bell sounds.

It is the responsibility of teachers in Spain to memorize their timetables and to transfer courses at the end of each session that they are responsible for. There are a few notable exceptions to this rule, including that students spend most of their time in the same classroom throughout the day (i.e., band, gym). Consequently, you will not be permitted to use the five-minute break between classes to get a snack from your locker, as you would usually be allowed. You will not even be provided with a safe for your convenience. In addition, you won’t have to lug your books with you all day, which is an excellent thing. Because you’ll be spending the whole school year with your cohort, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know the other students in your group.

  1. On weekends, you will participate in unique activities from those that your classmates will be participating in.

In Spain, the importance of family is highly regarded, and weekends are set apart for spending time with people who are most important in one’s life. In the United States, it is not commonplace for adult children to return to their parents’ houses on weekends to have lunch with their family members who live far away. On the other hand, Weekend lunch is a multi-hour affair that includes plenty of food, chit-chat, and laughter with friends. It is planned to provide a wide variety of dishes, including a vast number of bread to go along with soup and salad, roast chicken or lamb with potatoes, a choice of veggies or salads, and a sweet dessert.

  1. Create a financial plan to guide your business.

Before you go, make sure you have enough money to cover your daily expenses as well as a splurge on travel expenses, if necessary (in addition to program costs and airfare). To prepare for your study abroad program, you should do preliminary research to know how much it will most likely cost. Keep a lookout for high school travel scholarships, as well as other types of scholarships.

  1. You’ve chosen to relocate to a place that offers plenty of sunshine, tasty cuisine, and a vibrant urban setting, among other things.

Madrid is a beautiful city with excellent public transportation regarding living conditions for expats. If you’re like most people, you’re experiencing a wide variety of emotions, from excitement and apprehension about the relocation to grief about who and what you’ll be leaving behind in your current location.

Moving to Madrid With Your Family? These Are The 19 Best High Schools

1. Colegio Internacional SEK Ciudalcampo – El Castillo

SEK International Schools is committed to providing a school environment that encourages personal growth and prepares students for future success. SEK Schools have been bilingual and pioneers in offering International Baccalaureate programs from its foundation in 1892, with an educational methodology that has developed a record of innovation, placing them among Spain’s best schools. SEK International School Ciudalcampo offers the IB Primary Years Programme, IB Middle Years Programme, IB Diploma Programme (in English and Spanish, or solely in English), and the Spanish Bachillerato LOMCE.

2 British Council School

The British Council, the UK’s official body for promoting education, the English language, and worldwide cultural relations, is linked with the school. This connects the school to a global network of other educational and corporate institutions and gives fantastic opportunities to participate in international cultural events.

3 Liceo Europeo

The primary goal of Liceo Europeo is to provide a healthy emotional environment for all of its pupils, from infants to first-year university students, regardless of their age. Its pupils grow and learn in an environment that is both emotionally secure and conducive to creativity.

4.Colegio San Patricio Madrid (Serrano y La Moraleja)

Colegio San Patricio Madrid is a private educational school with three educational centres in Madrid ‘s northwestern outskirts. These centres are situated in Calle Serrano No. 200 in Madrid, Paseo de Alcobendas No. 9 in La Moraleja – Alcobendas, and Calle Jazmn No. 148 in Soto de la Moraleja (La Moraleja – Alcobendas).

5. The English Montessori School (TEMS)

The English Montessori School Madrid (TEMS) is a private co-educational British school in Madrid that caters to local and international students’ educational needs. The Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture recognizes the school as a British foreign center, while the United Kingdom recognizes it as a British School in Spain. Children from three to eighteen years old are admitted into a comprehensive and very successful educational program. The student population is varied, although Spanish students make up the majority of the student body. Pupils at The English Montessori School Madrid have consistently placed among the top students in both Spanish and international schools in Madrid in external assessments. As a consequence, all seniors in high school continue their education.

6. King’s College Madrid – Alicante – Murcia

King’s College is a London-based private university. The British School of Murcia is a British school that teaches the English National Curriculum to students aged 18 months to 18 years (Pre-Nursery – Year 13). It is situated in the La Torre Golf Resort. The school is around a half-hour drive from Murcia city center, ten minutes from San Javier, and twenty-five minutes from Cartagena, and it offers transportation for students to and from each of these towns.

7. Colegio Base

Colegio Base is an educational center with a model based on creative ways and an emphasis on growing individuals to be healthy, free, critical, respectful, responsible, and able to define their futures within an emotional framework of trust and security.

8. Brains International School

Colegio Brains is a private bilingual school in Madrid, and the university has three campuses in Madrid. The La Moraleja Campus is a multicultural school for pupils aged three to eighteen years old. At the infant level, the school follows the British Curriculum Model, which includes one session of French and German each week.

9. Colegio Los Sauces

Colegio Los Sauces is an educational institution that is nondenominational, apolitical, and pluralist in nature. Students are accepted without regard to race, gender, or religious affiliation. Because of the school’s almost 40-year history, it can offer an educational model that promotes human values, develops excellent study and work habits, teaches cohabitation and mutual respect, and takes into account the opinions of each person.

10. Mirabal International School

Mirabal is regarded to be one of the most excellent schools in Spain, with outstanding academic outcomes. It provides a multilingual curriculum in primary and secondary education, as well as the National, International, and Integrated Baccalaureate diplomas and certificates. Mirabal International School was established in 1982 and offered programs for children aged one to eighteen. It is now one of the most well-respected schools in the country, with excellent academic outcomes.

11. Casvi International American School

A private, international, co-educational school in Tres Cantos, Casvi International American School, which opened its doors in 2017, is based on the American school system and is the first of its kind in the country. Its mission is to educate and develop persons from all over the world via the teaching of English. To be a model of international education, we want Casvi School of International Studies to be a place where students can achieve the highest levels of academic and personal excellence while being cared for individually and as a family, taking into account each student and family’s unique educational abilities, emotional well-being, and social needs.

12. Liceo Sorolla

The Liceo Sorolla, located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, is considered to be one of the most excellent bilingual schools in the city. Through our school’s fifty-two-year existence, more than 5,000 students have completed their studies here. Their educational and professional standards are unsurpassed. They are capable of reinventing themselves year after year to provide an education of the most excellent quality that is tailored to the specific requirements of our pupils.

13. Colegio Mirasur

Mirasur International School is a private school in the town of Pinto, in the province of Madrid, towards the south of the capital. This institution, which has 1100 students now enrolled, is well-known in the educational community for combining active techniques under the paradigm of Multiple Intelligences. It has recently been designated as a Google Reference School, indicating that it is a digitally competent institution, as evidenced by its extensive use of technology to improve learning, the use of G Suite to support the vast majority of processes, and the presence of more than 30% of teachers who are Google Certified Educators. It is a school where the incorporation of digital solutions allows students and teachers to concentrate on education.

14. Eurocolegio Casvi

For students to develop personally, intellectually, and professionally, Casvi’s mission is to educate them not only in the acquisition of knowledge but also in the importance of values. This allows them to serve as models for a more compassionate, humane, technologically advanced, and better future society that is respectful of its members and its surroundings. Casvi aims to educate its students not only in the acquisition of information but also in the significance of values, which enables them to grow in a personal, intellectual, and professional manner and their academic and professional lives.

15. Colegio Virgen de Europa (CVE)

We have a goal to educate both from an academic standpoint and in terms of fundamental values, guided by a philosophy of active teaching and a commitment to the entire development of each student. From the age of three, children are immersed in the English language. From the 5th Primary level, there are two alternatives for second language study: French or German. Preparation for the official Cambridge examinations, as well as participation in exchange programs (in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the United States), as well as international travel.

16. Laude Fontenebro School

A private, co-educational day school for pupils aged one to eighteen years old that is bilingual (in English and Spanish) and situated in Moralzarzal, a Madrid suburb in the northwest of the city. Additionally, we are a member of the ISP (International Schools Partnership), which includes our seven schools in Spain and one school in Cambridge, UK (UK). Our pupils are taught the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in English (IPC). German and French are taught as second languages in primary and secondary schools from kindergarten through sixth grade. Educational opportunities in emotional well-being (Botin Foundation) and a Bachillerato in the Arts are available. Children in Pre-Nursery have a thorough grounding in the English language.

17. Everest School

Everest School is a private, co-educational institution located in Everest, Nepal. Monteclaro is a private Catholic school that is taught in both English and Spanish. Parents and students have complete freedom of expression at this educational center, promoting the Catholic faith and Christian values in a safe and welcoming environment.

18. Centro Escolar Balder

For the faculty and students of Colegio Balder, education is seen as something that goes well beyond the transmission of facts and figures. So the center, which is located in the Madrid neighborhood of Las Rozas and focuses on the overall development of students, including their intellectual and emotional development, develops its techniques around this guiding principle.

19. Colegio Legamar

Colegio Legamar is a Spanish Institute with its headquarters in Madrid. The entity’s registered location is Km 1.5, Carr, and its postal code is ES. In the following sections, you will find more in-depth information on the subject matter. Every point of view is significant since it provides more information about Madrid’s firm and other companies.


It is nearly guaranteed that moving with children will result in them experiencing all of these feelings ten times over, even if they aren’t always conscious of what is going on. As much as they are ecstatic at the idea of spending the rest of their lives on what seems to be an endless vacation, they are also experiencing a significant upheaval in their way of life as a consequence of this choice. Whatever the ups and downs, we want to help you navigate the process with the least amount of stress and ensure that your children have the most seamless transition possible.