13 Best Internships In Japan For International Students in 2022

Has it occurred to you to consider doing an internship in Japan? The country has piqued the interest of many individuals all over the globe for a variety of reasons, and each individual has a different reason for being so interested in it. The country of Japan has always attracted a diverse range of visitors, including techies, anime geeks, foodies, tea drinkers, martial arts enthusiasts, design enthusiasts, and fashionistas. This trend shows no indications of abating anytime soon.

There is a significant difference between visiting Japan and living there. If you want to grasp Japanese culture, you’ll need to spend more time immersing yourself in the day-to-day life of the country’s pulsing metropolitan centers. An internship in Japan will provide you with the opportunity to do so while also giving you significant resume-building experiences. The fact that it is the third-largest economy in the world means that it is home to a diverse range of sectors and enterprises where interns may get valuable hands-on experience. With a Tokyo internship, you will obtain a global perspective, meet influential people, and learn the skills you need to seek a career after graduating from university.

In 2021, an internship in Japan for overseas students will last anywhere from 2 to 6 months, depending on the student’s company. Every cost associated with the scholarship program will be covered, including visa fees, housing, and travel expenses. Students will not be required to take the IELTS or TOEFL exams to participate in this summer internship in Japan, which is an additional incentive for them to enroll for this Japan Internship Program 2022.

Japan’s economy is flourishing across a wide range of businesses, with many of them striving tirelessly to increase their global competitiveness in order to remain competitive. Practically all fields provide opportunities for interns to get experience in English; nevertheless, internships in major multinational firms are more common than internships in smaller, local businesses.

Students from any country interested in participating in this internship program are encouraged to apply. To apply for these completely compensated internships in Japan, there is no charge to pay, and there is no price to apply. Another advantage of this summer internship in Japan is that you do not need to complete the IELTS proficiency test.

Check out the best internships in Japan for 2022

  1. Osaka Internship Program with CRCC Asia (Japan)

Osaka is the headquarters of some of Japan’s most well-known and significant industrial corporations and organizations. In addition to its long-standing firms, West Japan is seeing exponential growth in start-ups in information technology, artificial intelligence, marketing, and healthcare. Through this international internship program, you will have the opportunity to become immersed in Japanese culture, cuisine, history, business, and, ultimately, the whole massive country of Japan!

  1. ISA Internships in Tokyo, Japan

In addition to providing you with practical experience in one of the world’s most dynamic economies, an internship in Tokyo will also give you chances in a range of fields. ISA supervisors’ expectations of interns are considerably higher in New York City than in other ISAs since the city is a worldwide economic center. In a country where the majority of the people do not speak English, having internship opportunities and a working grasp of the Japanese language may be advantageous. This is a fantastic city for acquiring work experience.

  1. WAHAHA Japanese Language School.

In order for students to be successful in their everyday lives, the WAHAHA Japanese Language School is committed to teaching Japanese in a practical manner. This kind of curriculum not only teaches grammar but also encourages students to be aware of appropriate usage situations and communication styles. WAHAHA’s small class sizes also enable instructors to engage in active conversation with all students, resulting in a great learning experience for everyone.

  1. Internships in Japan with Meiji Internships

In addition to accompanying you on your journey across Asia, Meiji Internships will serve as your gateway into the region. Beginning an incredible internship journey in your subject of interest and in your selected place will set the tone for the rest of your foreign professional life. We interact with a more extensive network of more than 750 partner businesses in eight countries in order to aid in the construction of the road to your future!

  1. Tokyo Internship Program – CRCC Asia

Take the time to learn vital skills that are in great demand among employers, get valuable experience, and grow tremendously as a person. This international internship program will give you the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture, cuisine, history, business, and, finally, the thriving city of Tokyo via hands-on experience. It will last around one to two months. With over 100 forward-thinking host companies on our roster, we are confident in our ability to connect you with the appropriate internship position, no matter what your field is.

  1. International internships in Tokyo – The Intern Group.

Collaboration with a range of firms, organizations, and non-governmental organizations can assist you in furthering your professional development (NGOs). Individuals from many walks of life and with varying levels of skill may benefit from their programs. Are you presently enrolled as a student, or have you recently completed your degree? Don’t miss out on this chance to get essential experience that will help you stand out on your resume.

  1. Internship in Japan – Asia Internship Program (AIP)

Individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in international business will have the opportunity to get work experience in this environment via AIP. You can expect the staff to work hard to make this experience as delightful as possible for you, including matching you with an internship that is sure to establish the basis for your future career.

  1. Zentern Internships and Cultural Program in Japan

You may take advantage of Zentern’s renowned Internship & Cultural Program, which is available to all students. As a multinational corporation with headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka, they provide internship opportunities in a wide variety of industries. During the weekdays and weekends, our ZenTeam will take you on excursions to learn more about Japan and its (pop)culture, and they will also offer transportation. There is no need for Japanese. However, you are welcome to enroll in our Japanese classes.

  1. Japanese Language and Internship Program in Kyoto – JaLS Group

Designed for students who desire to combine a rigorous Japanese education with meaningful work experience in a Japanese company, the Japanese Language and Internship Program offers a unique opportunity. Kyoto is a beautiful city to visit at any time of year, and it is one of the best places to visit in Japan. The food is delicious, the folks are kind, and our group is supportive and encouraging. You will study Japanese in a small group environment suited for your level (we accept students from beginner to advanced), and you will work on internship projects in a lively and developing Kyoto-based company each morning and every afternoon.

  1. Paid Internships for Students in Technical Fields – Cultural Views

Applicants for secretarial/assistant or technical/professional roles must be currently enrolled in a secretarial school or a specialized technical/professional institution, and they must be in their last year of study or have just graduated from such a school or institution (within the previous 12 months).

  1. Ski and snowboard instructor internship: training + paid work – EA Ski & Snowboard

You should contact us if you’re interested in getting started in the snow sports sector and have between 3 and 12 weeks available next winter. An EA Instructor Course will ensure that you have the winter you desire. Their Instructor Training classes are held in Northstar California Ski Resort, located in Lake Tahoe, California, USA. We only accept a limited number of students on our training courses, so you’ll need to act quickly if you want to enroll. Skiers and snowboarders with intermediate to advanced skills are necessary for paid teaching positions. Training, examination, housing, and a lift ticket are all included in the price. The duration of the level 1 curriculum varies depending on where you live. Lift permits will be acquired for those participants who are training at a different resort than their company for the duration of their training program. The exact course components may differ from resort to resort; please refer to the resort website for further information on individual features. The course participants are required to attend the arrival city orientation. If a trainee cannot participate, the situation will be evaluated on an individual basis.

  1. Internships in Tokyo – Beyond Academy

Every aspect of your internship experience will be supported, from choosing the best suitable position for you from our network of host companies to attending seminars and receiving coaching that will provide you with the information and skills to succeed during your internship and thereafter. The Tokyo Program is available in 18 industries, with start dates every month and durations varying from 1-6 months. It is available in 18 sectors and has start dates every month.

  1. International Internships in Tokyo – Absolute Internship

The Absolute Internship is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a result of our curriculum, you will develop the character and independence of a world traveler, as well as the courage to achieve your most significant life objectives by putting into practice what you have learned at university. We hope that you will benefit from our curriculum. It is anticipated that individuals entering the job market would have skills and talents that go well beyond those taught in a regular classroom setting. Graduates must be able to show that they have participated in work-based learning experiences and that they are capable of thriving and functioning in their current positions. Following your Absolute Internship, you will have a fresh perspective on the world and will be well-prepared to face the next challenge ahead of you.

Is it hard to get an internship in Japan?

The prospect of obtaining an internship in Japan may seem scary at first, but the endeavor is not insurmountably tricky. In the event that there are roadblocks along the way, such as a language barrier, completing the task may be more challenging. To get it, you must go out of your way to locate it and exert the required effort to obtain it. It goes without saying that you must do a comprehensive study and learn all there is to know about the industry in which you want to work, as well as the firms that operate within it, before taking any action.

How do I get an internship visa in Japan?

In order to work in Japan, interns must get a general visa from the Japanese government. This visa may be obtained by submitting an application to the Japanese embassy in your home country. You will be subject to a separate set of rules if you are lucky enough to be awarded an internship allowance. Once you have arrived in Japan, you will be required to report to the proper authorities for further investigation. This is true for both your health insurance and your life insurance. It is necessary to apply for a general visa in person at the Japanese embassy in order to be allowed entry. To begin, go to the embassy’s website and download the application form from there, following the instructions. Please complete this form and bring it with you, together with your passport, a photo of your ticket, and, if appropriate, your Certificate of Eligibility in order to ensure that you are well prepared for your interview.

Are unpaid internships legal in Japan?

The regulation that governs intern remuneration seems to be explicit in nature. You are eligible for compensation as an intern if you agree to work for a commercial organization (rather than for a nonprofit organization) and complete the tasks that have been allocated to you. In reality, though, the issue is much more complex. Employers that fail to pay their workers at least the national minimum wage, as required by law, are in breach of the law, according to the most recent guidelines. In the case of an intern, however, whether or not you are considered a “worker” is decided by the type of your past work experience. As a result, it is essential to be informed of your legal rights before undertaking any kind of internship or work experience.

If interns working for charities or voluntary organizations are only compensated for a limited number of expenses, such as food and transportation, this is known as a reimbursement restriction. In contrast, if they get any money that cannot be regarded as a reimbursement of expenses, this is considered a payment, and as a consequence, they should be entitled to the national minimum wage.

Do I need a visa to intern in Japan?

The kind of visa you will need will be decided by the length of your internship, as well as whether or not you will be rewarded for your time spent working there. The use of a Designated Activities Visa is often required for paid internships, but unpaid internships (which are more common) demand the use of a Visa for Cultural Activities (CAF).

Your company, a third-party organization, or your educational institution should provide you with the aid and support you need (if you are interning as part of your study). Another option is to contact the Japanese embassy in your region for help.

What is an intern visa in Japan?

Inquire with your internship provider whether this is applicable. Take care to ensure that you have all of the required papers. You must show that you have adequate funds to pay your expenses when traveling abroad. The whole procedure should be completed in a matter of days if you have a Certificate of Eligibility.

For those who are in the nation on a visa that is not a tourist visa, you must report to the local immigration office within 90 days after arriving. They will next take your fingerprints and provide you with an Alien Registration Certificate. At all times, you must have this card in your possession.

Received internship allowances are not common practice in Japan. If you do get compensation, you will be subject to a number of limitations and/or residence requirements, depending on the circumstances. As a result, you should get in touch with the Japanese embassy in the Netherlands.


Prior to relocating to a new country, an internship may be a great way to gain a feel for the business culture and customs of the nation in which you will be working. International students and professionals are becoming more interested in internship possibilities in Japan, which has become a popular destination for employment seekers. However, since internships are a relatively new idea in Japan, obtaining information about them may prove to be a challenging endeavor. Depending on whether or not the student is receiving remuneration for the internship and how long the student expects to be in Japan, a student from a foreign university who comes to Japan for an internship as part of the university’s credit-earning curriculum may be classified as either a resident or a nonresident.