Vedamo Virtual Classroom Review

During the early 2020s epidemic, teachers were scrambling to find a way to keep their kids’ education on track while simultaneously keeping them engaged at home. It was difficult and disruptive for students to learn in a classroom with Zoom and Microsoft Teams because they were meant for employees, not students. Distraction monitoring and interactive whiteboards with built-in edtech solutions have been found to be much more effective in helping virtual learning students succeed. In the end, COVID taught us that technology can be a tremendous teaching tool if used wisely.

Vedamo virtual classroom overview

VEDAMO is a collaborative, classroom management, and lesson planning application that allows students to work together virtually in real time. VEDAMO was created with a focus on educational applications. It has the same atmosphere as a regular school. It’s compatible with the most popular LMS systems. It is designed for instructors, tutors, and school administrators who are looking to increase student engagement and improve online course outcomes. It gives teachers the freedom to teach how they see appropriate.

Main specs

A virtual classroom system called Vedamo allows tutors to teach and manage their courses online, no matter where they are in the world. Tutors can use face-to-face tutoring alternatives to construct an online academy and manage students, content, and courses. Users of the virtual classroom can host as many live interaction sessions as they want, and each session can accommodate up to 25 students. Using one platform, users may combine online and on-campus training with educational resources, exercises and quizzes, all in one place. Instructors can create quizzes with a variety of questions from a variety of question banks and then deliver timely feedback to all learners. It is possible to give various tasks to different participant profiles, such as learner, instructor and administrator, as well as manage participants. In the classroom, students can be organised into groups and an interactive session created. Students benefit much from online teaching when their progress is being tracked, and assessed.

  1. In the virtual classroom of VEDAMO, you can participate in a live online course. Together with group collaboration, it offers multi-peer video conferencing.
  2. Up to 25 people can be seen and heard at the same time when using videoconferencing.
  3. Learners can collaborate with each other on a whiteboard using a variety of tools for generating, revising, and presenting learning content.
  4. During your online classes, you can use a variety of multimedia resources, including YouTube videos.
  5. Build and reuse content templates that save all of your virtual classroom’s instructional materials are available.
  6. Rooms for small group activities and individual work assignments are known as “breakout rooms.”
  7. Sharing your screen with others to demonstrate other software or multimedia programmes is called screen-sharing.
  8. You can do recordings of previous classes. Review and improve your online classes by watching earlier sessions via interactive playback.

In addition, you can take advantage of LTI integrations, Media Player features, recordings, and a host of other options. You can start a session by visiting the website and clicking on the Start Session button.


Pricing for Vedamo’s Virtual Classroom begins at $25.00 per month.  Starting at approximately 1890 INR per month, Vedamo’s online teaching software comes with unlimited virtual classroom sessions.

Free trial?

There is no free version available. A free trial of Vedamo Virtual Classroom is available. This online classroom software provides a 30-day free trial. It costs money, but you can receive a 30-day free trial by signing up for the virtual classroom service.


  • There are some really cool features.
  • A slick user interface has been created.
  • For a risk-free trial, there is no need for a credit card.


  • Restrictions apply.
  • Requires effort to master.
  • Could have issues.

Final thoughts

Teachers in schools, universities, and other educational institutions can utilise this web-based software to create virtual classrooms, and it doesn’t require any additional hardware installation. An interactive online teaching experience is provided by Vedamo’s live online class software. Breakout rooms, screen sharing, and online whiteboards all contribute to the success of the teaching-learning process.

This epidemic has shown us that all students may benefit from online education. In fact, some students prefer this type of instruction and report greater academic success as a result. There are less distractions for students who have been bullied at school to focus on their schoolwork and not their peers at home. It is now possible for students who are involved in extracurricular activities but are regularly absent from class because of early release or practise. Teachers and classrooms can now be accessed by students who are sick or have family emergencies while they are away from school. The use of online learning tools like VEDAMO should be kept in place for the benefit of students who have to miss a few days of school on occasion.